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Oh Lord!!!!

This world had a lot to offer.
I had a lot of

Just a walk down the lane...

"Come one get up, or I'll pour a bucket full of wa

More than it meets the eye.....

The day had been excruciatingly hot and owing to t

I lost.....

This life had given me millions of reasons to be h
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Profession : Student
Birthday : Oct 25, 1997
Gender : Male
Location : Bhopal, INDIA

Hearty regards to all who visit my page.... Life has stupid ways of making you realise the priclessness of it.. I learnt it lately, and am trying to sharpen my sword so that i could slay those elements that might disrupt my life. I read the mag at my school and came to know about the online version. I found the blog as a platform  that would only work for the better.....


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