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jago sonewalo jago

My child was to start schooling and I was looking

Expect more from yourself than from others

Death is so powerful that it leaves everyone


The sun rose promptly,spreading rays far and wide

jhumka gira rey

Jhumka gira rey……………

This event, dates back

children are good teachers too

With the scorching sun, hitting us all hard, we ar
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Profession : Home Maker/Housewife
Birthday : -
Gender : Female
Location : Bangalore, INDIA

Iam a house wife and my husband and two children always manage to keep me on my toes.

i try to learn a lot by watching the behaviour of others....the variety that god has created is so alarming and captivating......

i love music and it does help me complete  my daily house hold chores efficiently.....

i believe that we ought to think what we can offer to the society from where we get so much,to make it a better place to live in.......
hari om

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