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Hi there.. are you ready for a weekend with a twist? So am I! Looking forward to read & write about something that would add a twist to my life.

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Profession : Media/Journalist/Author
Birthday : -
Gender : Female
Location : Mumbai, INDIA

Hi there,

This is Alifia here.. I'm a writer and an advertising professional since many years..I'm based in Mumbai...

I came across your blog listed under the top twenty best fashion blogs over the Net..
Something about my work: I have been a Copywriter previously and I have worked with ad agencies in the city before switching over to Full-time features writing for magazines and newspapers in the city and around the country.

My specialty is that I can Write for any topic under the Sun and I would really like to share some of my previous work with you..

If you are interested, please mail be back immediately or call me at 9867405328.
Good Luck!

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