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The World Like A Rattrap

When I am in class 12th standard I learned these c

Of Politics and Naxalism..The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Politics must revolve around humans not power……..<

From a Mentor ..... to the Teachers...

"I believe there is no other profession in the wor

2010...i'll Miss you

My Walk to 2010 was full of surprises and excitem

I am an Indian: Let me do what i want to do or I'll label you racist.

Civility is often a stage where Human beings consi
Managed to end my blog and post it after the through research..on a sensitive topic..hope u People like it
Suffering from this idiotic disease of not being able to write things full..want to get over it.have 5 blogs lined up bt not completed
Binayak Sen or Suresh Kalmadi..Who is the bigger sinner?
Each year I promise myself that next year it wont happen again. But No. it only increases. talking abt mess in room and Diwali Safai :(
reading "the Underdog Advantage" by David Morey & Scott Miller

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Profession : Academic/Science/Research
Birthday : Jun 07, 1983
Gender : Male
Location : Bhopal, INDIA

A National Law School product who quit litigation for the inclination towards teaching and research. Took the challenge from a senior and set up his own concern and proved it that education is not business but a discipline where students and faculties are the market force who prevail and not marketting.

A big critic of things that dont appeal to rationality. a disciple of School of Rational thinking.Heavily influenced by Markxism (theory, not what modern political parties preach)

Was a Prolific student at National Law School and winner of many national level essay competitions. Started career as a Law Associate with the Law Firm Singhania and Partners worked under famous corporate Lawyer Deepak Rao,He has made appearances before Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and National Tribunals of the Country ,but slowly moved into teaching as it gave him more Job Satisfaction. Was the Founder- Director of Universal Institute of Legal Studies at Bhopal.

Presently he is the Chairman of DK-STuDs Edu Corp. An initiative of his own providing education and legal services to students interested in Law. You can also find him on Facebook. 

You can contact him at ;

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