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Get Started offers a grand opportunity for being:

  • Citizen Journalist : Send news about yourself/others/companies/organisations.
  • Blogger/Diaryist : Write your thoughts, reviews-about yourself/others/companies/organizations/products.
  • Responsive Citizen : Describe and rate yourself/others/companies/organizations/products, ie., give a 360 degree description.
  • Money Spinner : Earn money/discounts/goodwill-avail of exciting discounts and offers, earn points and rewards, and convert this into hard cash and money.

You get to communicate with everyone-not just with those who are members of a networking group, but also people, companies, organizations, products whom you observe, read about, hear and often want to know more about.

This model is geared to facilitate you to locate people and organizations for all cities (and countries) worldwide. Every city has a unique page in which news, blogs, events and yellow pages pertaining to people and organizations in that city are listed and described.

Every company, organisation, person too has a unique web-page which is open for dialog and interaction with everyone else. So it is a 2-way street. You get informed opinion about these people/organisations/products and you too contribute to that information base and make it more accurate.

You can write about people's good habits and good practices followed by companies, organisations and bodies. You can inspire them about their corporate and other social responsibilities.

It brings ‘social responsibility’ and ‘social feedback’ into prime focus and into the ‘mind, body, soul’ of companies/people/organizations/governments.

It places each and every entity-company, governments, organisations, human beings, products- at the crossroads of ‘public’ life. Each entity is assigned an exclusive ‘public’ ledger. While they can use it as their personal portal for highlighting themselves, society can use it to review their social connectedness and to describe them for posterity.

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What's for me?
  • Create a unique webpage for any company/organisation/person/product in 10 seconds
  • Highlight and compare Social Responsibility Initiatives
  • Write "My Diary" and other exciting topics in dedicated Blog-Books
  • Know/reveal the "real truth" about companies, governments, departments, people, products
  • Send information about your latest achievements/rewards/events to the world
  • Debate with friends and intellectuals
  • Participate in Contests:
    • Wonderful Woman Contest
    • Young Global Leader Contest
    • Virtual Elections...
  • Earn Mega Bucks; be a money-spinner.
As a Worker
  • Stop being ridiculed / oppressed / punished wrongly by Boss / Company / Institution
  • "Blow the Whistle" on unjust / unethical actions of Boss / Company…..Is your Boss BOT, ROTI or TOTI?
  • Record for posterity your views about actions of Coworkers / Boss / Company
  • Compare and Judge for yourself whether the organization fits with your goals and ideals
As a Company
  • Highlight to the world your CSR commitment and Corporate practices and values
  • Get a 360 degree feedback on your actions, policies
  • Increase Productivity, Morale of workers / vendors
  • Be recognized by Society as a company which looks beyond profits
As a Crime-Buster
  • Be a Sentinel-track "dark sides" of entities/ people
  • Anticipate and preempt crime and ethical violations
  • Record evidence to corroborate facts-Lodge Virtual FIR
  • Take corrective measures-counsel people
As a Citizen
  • Influence Change in government/company policies on environment, corporate social responsibility, workers
  • Highlight untruths / half-truths/ shenanigans/ idiosyncrasies
  • Encourage good, Discourage bad
  • Elect the right people, promote the right companies
  • Help make the world a cleaner, happier and more peaceful place