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Raghav Chandra
Public & Government Service
New Delhi - INDIA


Ashfaq Ahmad
Bhopal - INDIA


New Delhi - INDIA


Ashish Gupta
Bhopal - INDIA


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Chitra Shrivastava
Public & Government Service
Jabalpur - INDIA


My Profile

Profession : Academic/Science/Research
Birthday : Dec 10, 1964
Gender : Male
Location : Bhopal , INDIA

Introduction :

(मिट्टी का तन,  मस्ती का मन, क्षण भर जीवन,  मेरा परिचय)

(A body of clay, a mind full of play, a moment’s life - that is me)

Qualifications :

*PPBF - **MABF, **MBBF,*** MBA

( *पांचवी पांच बार फेल) ,

** (मिडल  appeared but failed ), 

(**middle बार बार फ़ैल ),

 (*** महा बेकार आदमी)

Profession :  IT कुली 

Position : Chief Troublemaker

Dr. Rajeev Shrivastava 's i-Cast


Guru is the Absolute Brahman incarnate, Obeisance to Guru

Attending CSI 45th Annual Convention 25 - 26 - 27 Th November at Bombay.

Wishing Raghav Sir Happy Birth Day and Many Many Happy returns of the Day. - Rajeev

Anil Srivastava Contesting - DIV IV Chairman - CSI Please cast your Vote - I have just finished - May God Bless him - Rajeev

All set to deliver lecture on " An investigation of the laws of Thoughts" to BU students by 8:45 AM. Good Morning.- Rajeev

This is very interesting feature. Congratulations to SCratchmysoul Team. -Rajeev

क्यों खां, मियाँ, यह नए साल में कर रिये हो ! मैंने भी अभी अभी ICAST सीख लिया है! अब मैं आपको FOLLOW कर रिया हूँ ! नए साल की मुबारकबाद के साथ - Rajeev

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