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Tolerance, Clash of Civilizations and Peace
There should be no change in Rama Setu Project as Rama is a construct of fiction.
M Karunanidhi
Score : 7

Uma Bharti
Score : 10

Now even Budhadev Bhattacharya the Chief Minister of West Bengal is saying that Ram is non-existent...which Engineering College did he study in? ...that Ram is a figment of the imagination of the poet

karunanidhi who is most senior politician south of vindhyas is a tired man .he s 83 years old .still burdened with the governance of the most politicised state in south every one has to be allowed to be retired in right age otherwise they become senile and l;ose mental balance they will speak n behave worser than drunkard people and talk nonsense as he is doing at present

umaji right

umaji is telling right

Uma is Dharm, Karuna is Sharm

If India was an Islamic country Karunanidhi would not have had the guts to speak about our God like that

lord Rama is the truth. Karunanidhi is the untruth.

Rama is a matter of Faith. He is in the heart of all Hindus. Karunanidhi is a cultural nihilist-he is not loyal even to his family. How can he be loyal to his faith?

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