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Ethics and Crime
Is it fair to call George Bush II, President of the USA a dog in public and hurl shoes at him
George Walker Bush
Score : 5

No .... even if he made mistakes,he was still the president of USA and such shoe throwing act was a very childish behaviour of an attention seeker.

it is very easy to say but if he is president of usa then he got to have balls so he knows what he is doing and those who didnt like it nobody can convince them beause every coin has two sides so public has to decide wheather they will look on brighter side or towards the darker side
Jiku Sri

Hurling shoes is not the right way forward. You cannot dish out this kind of behaviour to the President of a country. We should not get carried away with public sentiment.

Muntadar Al Zaidi
Yes...parting kiss to dog
Score : 3

The shoes hurled at George Dirty Bush shall ever remain in his memory not as an insult but as a reminder of his genocide in Iraq where he killed more than a million innoncent men, women and children and destroyed the entire social,economic and physical infrastructure. Shoes have soles, Dirty Bush has none.Even the UNO kept mum over it,criminally
Zamiruddin .


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