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Tolerance and Human Rights
Is Raj Thakeray doing the correct thing by asking Biharis/North Indians and non-Marathis to leave Mumbai?
Bal Keshav Thackeray
Score : 2

mr. thackeray is great Leader in india
Sachin Jain

Kishore Samrite
No...I will pay Rs 1 Crore to anyone who murders Raj Thakeray..because of his terror 20,000 people of my constituency are jobless
Score : 5

I totally disagree with this thing. this country belongs to every citizen neither the maharashtra belongs to marathi nor the punjab to punjabi nor the gujrat to gujrati this whole country belongs to INDIANS and every citizen have equal right on every part of this country and distributing it on the basis of regional castes is very much wrong.
Rashmi Shukla

No it is incorrect to ask anyone to leave a city/state. India is one country. At the same time urban migration is an imp issue which cannot be ignored. It is important that illegal slums and encroachment by migrant people be removed. Govt should not authorise slums for vote bank. Every body who wants to stay in mumbai should pay high taxes. This can be a way out.

India is a secular country and each and every citizen of India has right to work anywhere in his or her country.... if Raj Thakeray is claiming that Mumbai belongs to Marathi manus... then why expats, NRIs are still there??

all parts of india is open for all.constitution of india alsys any indian cityzen is free to work allover the india.
Chandra Prakash

sorry im not agred with kishores voilent thoughts but want to favour that north indians should not be forced to leave mumbai as india is a democratic country n evry citizen of india is having equal rights to live where thy wnt. India is not only bal thakreys country, its our country who lives in india..... its our motherland!!!!!!

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