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Karmayoga and India
Who will Lead India to Economic Prosperity and Social Peace in the next 5 Years
Sonia Gandhi
The Congress
Score : 5

BJP leaders indulge far too much in self praise, are arrogant, use an elitist form of Hindi language, virtually hate the Sonia Gandhi family and waste their time and effort in symbolic things. Modi and to some extent Chauhan may be doing well in governance, but overall Congress has the economic and social vision of all inclusive development in a gradual manner. Corruption on line before the well intentioned schemes is the main cause of slow or no progress. A silent worker like our PM has better chances of sucess.
A B Mehta

The Congress will lead India to Economic Prosperity and Social Peace as Mr. Singh a great Economist is with them......
Ahsaas Verma

Lal Krishna Advani
Score : 2

from my point of view it will be better lead by our new and young generation....but now it is the BJP
Jasmeet Kaur

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