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Strategic Management
Should there be Reservations on Religious Lines in St. Stephens and other Colleges?
Revd Valson Thampu
Score : 1

Chandan Mitra
Score : 12

I see that Valson Thampu has no point and now Stephanians must get together and start another new College. Many State Governments would be ready to invite Chandan Mitra if he takes the lead. Why dont the old boys of Stephens get together and discuss it?

Thampu has a point about the poor and underpriveleged...but why use religion as an instrument? Let it happen through endowments and scholarships.

I fully agree with Chandan Mitra. Education should not be based on religious lines but for excellence and development of merit-we cannot allow society to be divided! There should not be a hindrance to global unity.

Meritocracy should not be bypassed. St Stephens and other such Colleges are great Colleges because of the high academic standard. If that is compromised then the very foundation of educational excellence will be lost.

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