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Management and Karmayoga
LUN(Laghu Udyog Nigam) the MP State Centralized Procurement Agency has served its purpose and should be Closed Down
Satya Prakash
It is still useful and relevant as it has expertise in procurement....Satya Prakash, IAS,Principal Secretary Commerce and Industries, Govt of MP,as mentioned in HT, Bhopal, 5th June,2008
Score : 2

This is the only agency categing the needs of Govt functionaries at remote village areas and giving services in High Tech Areas Like IT, Telecom , Healthcare etc. etc ... > Is There any alternate ? It is not Only Useful, Relevant, But also Controlling the prices and ensuring Quality. However looking into quality and Quantity moreover long coverage area of service , there may be some chances of improvement. Dr. Rajeev Shrivastava
Dr. Rajeev Shrivastava

It still has a role...each State should have a trading arm to secure the best deal...what is wrong is that there is deal-setting and corruption...that has to be resolved

Rajan . S Katoch
Its role as a trading intermediary for the Government has lost its relevance and it should be closed down ....Rajan Katoch,IAS, Former Finance Secretary and member of Scrutiny Committee to recommend continuance/closure of PSUs of MP, as mentioned in HT, Bhopal 5th June, 2008
Score : 3

Close Langoti Udyog Company

LUN has failed. It is an adda of corruption for Ministers and their favorite people. Why did Ajay Bishnoiformer Health Minister bring his brother as a General Manager there? Only to abet his nefarious designs?

LUN is ridden with is the sticky-side of the industries

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