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Human Rights
MF Hussain the celebrated painter is truly Communal for painting nudes of Indian Goddesses?
Tarun Vijay
Yes...why does he do this for Indian Goddesses and make so insulting for Hindus
Score : 8

he should feel guilty
Pooja Joshi

The fact that nudes are part of the Khajuraho paintings is not justification enough. If Hussain was painting only to display paintings and art it would have been ok. But he is selling and promoting paintings and professing that they are of Hindu Goddesses. This is highly objectionable. Especially in the light of centuries of abuse by invaders like Mahmud of Ghaznavi who desecrated Hindu temples and destroyed Hindu culture. What Hussain is doing is to be salacious. His nude Goddesses are not necessary and essential to his themes. He is only being obdurate! And that is what is wrong. Pity Hindus dont have an equivalent of a Fatwa. Otherwise his head ought to have gone many years ago. Judge Kaul has saved him because of his liberal education. That is not to dispute his judgement but to say that his inferences are not judicious.

Controversy is relevant to Hussain the businessman, not to Hussain the either he is a celebrated painter or he is communal..Atul Maken, Berlin,Germany

What is sad is that Hussain has never denied that the figurines are those of Hindu goddesses...he is nothing but communal and should have Sec 153a/b of IPC against him..

let MF Hussain paint a Prophet Mohammad if he has so much excitement about expressing himself creatively...Muslims will boot him out of the face of this earth...he is taking advantage of tolerance of Hindu Religion

Maqbool Fida Hussain
I am a painter and have a right to express myself creatively
Score : 5

"We have been called as the land of Kama Sutra, then why is it that in this land we shy away from its very name? Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and so does obscenity." I can do no better than quote justice Kaul while dismissing the case against Hussain (May 2008)for portraying Bharat Mata and other goddesses in nude.
Sushil Gupta

MF Hussain has tried to describe beauty in his own way. Its on the people who are seeing them to appreciate them or to deject them.

all artistes have an artistic licence. as long as he is not boasting about his nude goddesses it is upto our imagination and so we should not interfere in such artistic matters, else what is the difference between india and pakistan/iran

this is ones point of view. such things are also expressed in khajuraho temple sculptures.the way we worship art not the god..
Abhinav Dey

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