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Love and Romance
Is Marriage still Relevant?
Salman Rushdie
Marriage is most unnecessary! Women marry to wear and be seen in beautiful wedding gowns only....marriage is a waste of time
Score : 14

marriage has lost its importance over the time because of several reasons. people are neither loyal, nor committed these days.times have got tough and hence people look for easier things in life.
Poonam Matkar

Wait and see...marriage is a thing of the past

salman is a person who has nothing to lose by making crazy statements like that to play to the GenX psyche...what does he have to lose that he hasnt already lost: eyesight, girlfriend, credibility....but there is more to life than merely living the life of a vagabond, beyond any social mooring...there is the need to create and conserve, to uphold and sustain......for which marriage, the pheras, the rituals, the sense of commitment and honesty are necessary

Arent we living in a modern world? Who cares for marriage? We can have test-tube babies,no? And friends can be better companions than even family,no?

mr rushdie represents the modern age...he is married and yet unmarried...that is marriage is irrelevant....well done mr rushdie

So many options for suicide: Poison, sleeping pills, hanging, jumping from a building, lying on train tracks, but we chose Marriage, slow & sure!

marriage is history..this is the new millenium

marriages are made in heaven so that we remain in hellhnpyn

I agree with Mr Rushdie. Marriage is for fools. Heaven help a married man. He is a fool for a lifetime. In todays internet society, marriage is irrelevant. You can have cyber friends and cyber relationships. You can even experience cyber sex and have a real orgasm. Marriage is a social construct meant to bind us to a Victorian strai-jacket. We should respect those who value their individuality and decide not to marry. They are just as respectable as they may be fun.

Shobha De
Marriage is important
Score : 25

i agree Marriage is important
Sumit Shrivastava

Shobha De

marriage is possibly one distinct institution which seperates man and animals and has led to something beautiful called "family".Whether some people find it unnecessary and a waste and some find it important is due to their personal experience.

Gone are the days "for beautiful wedding gowns" a custom provided by GOD marriage a path where two soulmates can walk,share there views share the toughest battle called life. It provides a stability and a joy to come across .
Vineeta Nagar

Definately marriage is necessary. Its important to run this world in proper and legal way

marriage is not only importent but essential too.The only thing matters is the mental chemistry that makes the marriage hell or heven.
Chandra Prakash

Both are right in their own perspective. What has to be understood is that the institution of marriage was invented for the security of progeny. If there is no intention of procreation there is no necessity for marriage.The ipills & others have made sex safe from pregnancy. But if a progeny is born out of the association between the couple , marriage is necessary , till the society takes the responsibility to look after the future generation. So all those propose "No Marriage" , please ensure that the child is not born because of the association& have free sex with any one like that of the animals.sO TILL THE CHILDREN ARE NOT PROTECTED HVE MARRIAGE.
Col Pm Das

Marriage is an Institution. It is most ethical part of every Citizen. In Every Religion it has its own importance. It cannot be ignored. In Hindu - No Worship accepted by GOD If U R not with Your Spouse.
Dr. Rajeev Shrivastava

It is important .otherwise there would be no difference between man and animals .

Yes Marriage is important and essential. Otherwise there will be chaos and insanity in life. Every other woman will be unsafe. Rapes and molestation will increase. The human race will dwindle, and civilization will perish. -RS Bhagat

No legitimate children and only bastards...which is better? Certainly having everything legitimate

marraige is the purest link between the two sexes

marriage is worship it cannot be understand by FOOLs.

it is important because only married individuals could teach there offsprings our traditional morals and principals.And also we can always never be professional we need to be personal too.

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