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Would the neutrality of the Higher Judiciary in India be affected if they are subjected to the RTI and if they have to declare their property as in UK/USA?
J S Verma
Score : 17

We should all be always acountabel, just as the law is same for all humans

I agree with Barkha Dutt columnist for Hindustan Times who wrote correctly that Judges should stop acting holier than thou

The Judges are public servants! So how can they be "above the law"...if they treat themselves above law, then there is a flaw in the law-Sharma Advocate Indore

If a judge passes an order which is struck down as illegal by a superior court should not the judge be liable for prosecution and be dismissed for not knowing basic law...until that provision can be built in, there will be corruption in the lower judiciary....merely declaration of assets will not help

What a correct point Justice Krishna Iyer, retd CJI has made! "In my view, the comments of the present CJI on judges wealth are completely wrong. What do the judges have to hide that they are afraid of their assets being made public? Any private aspect in the life of a judge, which affects public functioning must be placed before the a democracy, for a judge to keep secret the details of his wealth runs contrary to the spirit of the Constitution. Such attempts would only undermine the importance of transparency in judiciary and raise doubts in the minds of people."

judiciary should not be allowed to be accountable only to itself-that is dictatorship

K G Balakrishnan
No need
Score : 1

the judiciary shoudl be insulated from giving such personal info, blackmailers and people against whom they have passed judgement will misuse the information to harass them and then give it adverse publicity

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