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Karmayoga and Management
Is Rahul Gandhi ripe for being projected as Prime Minister as projected by Arjun Singh and others?
Jayanthi Natarajan
No...this is sheer chapulusi....Manmohan Singh is doing fine and his chair is not vacant yet
Score : 6

Madam Jayanti is perfectly right.Mr. Gandhi is too young for the purpose and that chair requires experience which Mr. Singh is displaying at its best........... Jyoti

It is high time we start giving respect to individual capacity of the persons rather than relying only on popularity and family back ground. The current prime minister is the best example for that. We have enough veteran leaders who are much more experienced and mature than perhaps Mr.Gandhi.
Dhruvin Dashani

Arjun Singh is bent on wreaking havoc on the nation one after the other.

Arjun Singh
What is wrong with Rahul Gandhi being projected as Prime Minister of India....after all he is gaining useful experience and even his father was this old when he became PM of India for the first time?
Score : 1

sorry... but i think bedate is for Rahul Gandhi to be be the projected P M and not late Rajeev Gandhi. please correct the name rahul instead of Rajeev

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