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Human Rights
Should India adopt the Jury System as in the USA where Judges have to be guided by the verdict of the nominated Jury chosen from the eminent citizens
Shruti Chandra
Yes India should have the Jury System. That would make the judicial process more transparent and will make judges administrators of law rather than interpretors of law and thereby prevent writing of illegal judgements and harassment and procrastination. Delivery of justice will be faster, because cases will be decided faster.
Score : 21

Of course we should adopt the jury system. The essence of democracy "Power for the people, from the people, to the people". Anybody who suggests otherwise is narrow-minded and shortsighted. Sure it is time consuming and people will have to leave their jobs for a day and there is will be additional cost but it will result in speedier justice and will lead to higher level of debate in the country. Our maturity as a society and as a nation will be more. Does anybody disagree. If so then say why or forever hold your silence.

when ther is a group of jury ... the point of views of different individual differs and i personally feel it would be a fairer judgement ..rather than a judgement of a single judge which might be biased
Jasmine Ariff

Yes ofcourse........ neki aur pooch pooch...........

I truly agree with Ms. SHRUTI. India should have the Jury system as that of the USA. This will not only make the judicial processes transparent, but will also help solve the long pending cases in the Indian Courts. Moreover it will increase the participation of the Indian citizens as it should be in a true democratic country.

Shlok Chandra
Not required. The judicial process is time tested and is doing fine. Any interventions will complicate things, destroy the morale of the judiciary and lead to further delays in the dispensation of justice
Score : 7

India has a taste of jury system and we abandoned it because the jury was biased and too emotional. In a case they actually did not punish an accused who was a murderer so they are not prudent and do not make reasonable and rational decisions. So there should be no question of doing they same as USA when we have done it all and had a taste of failure because law can never take decisions from heart. Anubha Shrivastava student BALLB(Hons.) National Law Institute University ,Bhopal
Vivek Ranjan Shrivastava

Not exactly lik USA because Judicial Process is time tested But in Some cases we do..................

nope.istead of implementing jury system in india the government should take some strict action to implement the existing laws.everything will be fine
Ejaz Ahmad Khan

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