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Karmayoga and Management
Policing in Goa is BAD....that is why tourists are at risk and rape and drugs are common
B S Brar incident does not mean that the Police is inefficient...Goa Police is honest,effcient and trustworthy
Score : 1

Consequence of POOR PARENTING cannot be ascribed to poor policing. I think Fiona ahould have woken up much earlier. WIth the drug addiction of her daughter she should have seen it coming.
Amit Anand

Fiona Mackeown
Ask a Mother who has lost a 15 year old girl....Scarlett was assaulted and raped....Goa Police attempted a cover-up...that was shameful and unpardonable
Score : 2

Nothing can defend the Goa Police. They cannot be blamed for human behaviour. But they have to take strict action against drug-peddlers, delinquents and organised crime. They should have a 24 hour call center for receiving suspicious movement reports and take solid action..

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