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Health and Inner Peace
The Red Light District near the Railway Station and the canals is an intrinsic part of the heritage of Amsterdam and must continue in the interest of tourism and overall healthy living
Lodewijk Asscher
No, this has given Amsterdam a sleazy name internationally and is bad for the health of the people of Amsterdam and the tourists who come here
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Jan Broers
No, this has been so much a part of the heritage of Amsterdam and lends it so much charm that it is unfair to remove the red light district and will cast a death knell on the business here
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If the industry is well regulated there is no harm to anyone. If closed Amsterdam will lose tourists and these women will have to be re-habilitated at high cost and they will be having low social skills to survive elsewhere. As long as regular AIDS checks keep happening and it is ensured that all participants are voluntary then it can go on.

Who wants to miss the heritage area if it aroused interest?

Easier to destroy heritage; but it takes centuries to build it

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