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Human Rights and Liberty
Shouldnt Indians Have The Right to Work Anywhere in India, including Mumbai?
Somnath Chatterjee
Absolutely, it would be unconstitutional not to allow that freedom
Score : 13

Yes Mr. Chatterjee is absolutely correct. Only then we shall be able to have real India before us.

I guess Mr RAJ Thakrey is living in the India 200 years ago. His mentality seem to be that of a divide and rule policy maker just like the Britishers, who ruled India at that time. Mr Raj is sheerly dividing the Indian citizans on the basis of regionalism. He should be ashamed of himself. People who talk like this should be awarded with examplary punishment.

we cant prohibit any indian to work anywhere in will be utterly unconstitutional as Mr.Chatterji said... india is a democratic nation and any citizen of india is free to work,live anywhere in is the basic right of every citizen..
Ashish Bansal

india is a secular state. it does not discriminate on the basis of religion, community and region. every individual has a right to move and stay freely anywhere in the country. raj thakeray is not the authority for it.

we are a free country..petty politicians are breaking us with narrow domestic walls

It is unfortunate that instead of uniting the country we are actually breaking it up. Why do we even use the word "Global" ? Can politiking get any worse!!
Surbhi Goel

Raj Thakeray be shamed he is a disgrace on this nation

When one is talking about India and Indians how does the question of State defined boundaries emerge? But as they say, migaration to a state speaks highly of its economy/growth opportunities etc and the states like UP and Bihar need to really work hard at stopping Internalized Brain drain/ brawn drain !!!
Vinita Govind

Raj Thackeray
North Indians-UP and Bihar need not come to Mumbai
Score : 1

Raj is not against north Indians in particular . He is against north indian leaders who are trying make mumbai their home ground . If Maharashtra get those leaders then what will be difference ? If they want to help their state people generate resources for them in their own states . Nobody ask in first place , why UP and Bihar people needs to migrate and not Marathi ???

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