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Ratan Tata’s Rs. 1 Lakh Car “Nano” is good for India and Indians?
Sunita Narain
"This will lead to Congestion of Indian roads and more pollution."
Score : 2

She has a point...this will lead to more cars....and a race to capture the road first, at any cost, more pollution...but why blame Tata for it?...but it will also set in motion a new political demand for better road quality....

Suhel Seth
"As Indians we should be as proud of this as we were of RK Pachauri’s Nobel Prize "Time to celebrate for the Common man who always dreamt of a car."
Score : 8

This is the need of the hour and good for the economy,and there could be many several other causes of congestion and pollution.
Abhinav Dey

We must accept that consumerism and its benefits should be made available to every single citizens. Their are better ways and solutions to combat pollution, but not by depriving millions of their dream of comfort and luxury.
Surbhi Goel

I feel NANO is a dream car for the common man which has come true. Talking of non-eco friendly, i would say as people have worked over this dream come true, we as equally responsible citizens should start working to avoid the bad effects. We need to develop our infrastructure accordingly. as no one can stop traffic congestion even otherwise.Nano or no nano.

there would be less two wheelars n traffic would be more decent because in india even bikeriders can hold milk containers on both the sides makeng the same volume like cars .In addition they can overtake a car from left side (who follows the rules )

He is correct this is dream that every one can afford car

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