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Corruption and Rule of Law
99% Crimes Are Not Registered in India by the Police
Kiran Bedi
Indeed, people need a more effective, honest and efficient service...hence the portal for enabling FIRs to be lodged freely
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people must be made much more aware and empowered about their rights.The police needs to be much more responsive towards duties.
Abhinav Dey

Contrarian Viewpoint
This is a gross exaggeration. She finds it convenient to say such things after leaving the service.The problem is less with FIRs being lodged or not and more with poor investigation.
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it is people like her, who know that they are being watched and use the spotlight to promote themselves. Instead of fighting the system from within she quit it to fight it from outside. Why did it take her so long to do it, and with such national drama? she could have done it gracefully!

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