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Strategic Management
The Indo US Nuclear Deal is Good for India
Prakash Karat
The deal is bad for India and should not be signed
Score : 46

Manmohan Singh was untruthful, that is why he has not felt the need to apologise to the nation for his sudden turnaround. Only someone who has no courage of his convictions would do a somersault like that. Goes to show that Karat is right and Manmohan wrong.

Basically Manmohan Singh lacks administrative competence and so he is capable of making grave errors of judgement in matters of public policy

Whats the hurry? Will not if the proposal is good the next US President also sign it?

Basically Manmohan Singh is a US protege and so his decisions cannot be honest ones for the advantage of India...a dispassionate view is required

he is right deal is bad for india.

All care should be taken

he is correct

There should be a clear debate on the matter first in view of the far reaching implications

Manmohan Singh
The deal is good for India and there is no other way but to sign it
Score : 33

people are trying to make easy things complicated.This deal is good for the economy&growth of the nation.We must ban nuclear weapons as they would only create destruction.


we need power so he is correct

I feel the obvious cannot be put to debate,if India has to be a dveloped country & be able to address many issues related to our high population,Industrialisation & be a stronger force to reckon with. SIGNING OF THE NUCLEAR DEAL IS A MUST !!!
Archana Bhatnagar

that is good for scuriti as well as our progress.we can generet more power by nuclear fuel.

we need the deal. it would open up a lot of avenues. we need to start seeing the bigger picture.
Shlok Chandra

Does mr.karat want india to obtain uranium fro China?

I have full faith in Manmohan Singh who which I believe live on principles.

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