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Health and Inner Peace
Is the Promotional Statement about Varilux Lenses, an Essilor Product, Truthful?
Shabana Azmi
With Varilux Lenses you dont just get back the vision of your youth, but also start looking smarter...
Score : 1

Contrarian Viewpoint
No! This is a sweeping generalization. The common man, I for instance, cannot afford such expensive lenses etc...does that mean I am at a disadvantage and will look less smart? Will Varilux compensate me if I dont get back the vision of my Youth which, incidentally, was 6X6?
Score : 4

I agree with CV...whats so great about Varilux...they are like any other lens system...and why is Shabana selling out to such products?

Bravo...buddy I am with you...Shabana and Varilux are wrong!

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