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Environment and Global Warming
Should Plastic Bags be Banned Outright
Gordon Brown
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Rebecca Hosking
Yes. The average person in the UK uses 157 plastic bags every year, so that’s almost one every two days. And they use it for approximately 12 minutes. Plastic bags just get blown all over the place into the rivers and into the sea from landfills. Modbury is the first in Europe to have an outright ban. There are a few places [in Europe] that have stopped using carrier bags, but we’ve banned every single type of bag – whether it’s for a tiny slab of ham, a pair of earrings, or whatever. We even have corn starch doggy-poo bags and pedal-bin liners, and the florist now has biodegradable acetate and paper for wrapping flowers.
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Yes its high time that we realise, the harm plastic bags cause to our depleting environment. Its the need of the hour.

Only firm decision like this help in reducing pollution. take a notice at Shimla.
shehla masood

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