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Theme : Health and Inner Peace
Sex Education should be allowed in Indian Schools.
Murli Manohar Joshi
I don’t know what the HRD Minister wants to do to this country – no religion will allow this, not even Marxists – only an anarchist can do that.
Score : 44

Renuka is getting carried away; Joshi is right; sex-education is a 2-sided weapon

No sex, please. This is India.

Enough is enough. How can we teach sex-education to people who are not mature enough? It will distort relationships. Renuka Chaudhary has nothing to loose. But India has!

Murlimanohar Joshi is more correct. No sex-education pl.

I agree with Shri Joshi sex education not to be allow in primary class. if allow that should be after XII class.

I fully agree. Joshiji is a learned man. One golden great of India. He has been Cabinet Minister for Human Resources Development. He is a scientist. A highly reputed scholar.

Joshi may be old and even old-fashioned, but he isnt dumb to be rejecting sex-education. India is a poor country with poor people. They dont have access to Orkuut and Google. We should think of them,ie., those on the other side of the digital divide also. What impact sex-education will have on them? Where there is no sleeping space in the will parents confront their children when they want to sleep together? There should be sex-education only where the school can handle it. India, as a whole, cannot handle it!

Considering that we are still so unsure about which class sex education should be introduced in,what should be taught and who will teach,this idea should be put on hold for the moment.

I agree with Mr Joshi.The manner in which the courses have been laid out are bound to not only poison young minds but also will become a source of embarrassment for teachers.

Hum,Laloo Yadav kahait hain that ki hamara Murli Lalla theek kahait hain...agar sex-education hota, to socho humra kitne chokra-chokri hota?

Renuka Choudhury
The opposition to Sex Education in India is hypocritical …… We have a population of 1 billion and yet we don’t want to talk about sex.
Score : 32

Any1 accepts it or not but it is a bitter truth that 2days generation is much more attracted towards such activities inspite of that they r knowing that thy r going opposite to their reliigion their age makes them 2 go on wrong ways. So its better to make them aware of about right way of making physical relations!!!!!!!1

no it should be rather promoted because explaining it to the children the right way is better than they explore it themselves..

Sex eduction will help to desist the increasing the AIDS per cent also teenagers will be awakened while doing any wrong steps,illicit sex and interest towards sex can be minimized due to clarity about the repurcussions after doing sex at early age and with unknown person. even the parents should be convinced to teach at home about sex too
Manoj Patil

Indians invented the Kamasutra and were the first to record a scientific acount of the divine act. All the same, this matter has always been given a due place .This is because all indians developed a very mature outlook towards it, often with the help of his Guru in the gurukul.Thus it has always been a tradition in India that an enlightened Guru armed his disciple with correct knowledge to prevent him from perversion.Today ,when chances of perversion among the youth are much higher,sex education in schools becomes all the more necessary.Its high time that such lessons are well integrated with the school curriculum so as to prevent the young minds from getting the wrong side of the coimn of Life

I agree with Renukaji. Sex-education is important. As important as sex in adult life.

Introduction of sex education for children is a good idea and the need of the hour since children start discussing sex-related issues with their friends at an early age. As the parents are normally reluctant to discuss issues related to sex with their children, kids learn things about sex from unreliable sources and are often misguided. So introduction of sex education in schools would be the right approach. Sex education should not be limited to a single lecture but it should be a continuous process. I feel, there should be topics for discussion in the curriculum on reproductive health, the institution of marriage and its importance in Indian culture, relationships, human anatomy, feelings and emotions. If there is no proper information about these things, future citizens of our nation could be misguided. This type of education would teach students to show respect to women as well as transgender communities.

introduction of sex education in schools which will go a long way in preventing children from acquiring misguided and half-baked notions of sex and their opposite genders.

yes we are hypocritial

agree with renukaji, they are growing and if we dont give them info who will ?

I endorse Vir Sanghvi when he wrote "what Laluji, Sushma Aunty, Dr. Harsh Vardhan and my friend Dr. Joshi need to realise is that each time they pose as voices of moderation, they are actually functioning as advocates of ingnorance"

The question is no longer should sex education be taught, but rather how should it be taught.Educators, parents, and policy-makers should avoid emotional misconceptions about sex education; based on the rates of unwanted pregnancies and STDs including HIV among teenagers, we can no longer ignore the need for both education on how to postpone sexual involvement, and how to protect oneself when Sexually active.

This is a way forward. If we dont impart them right education they will anyway find it out, it is much better that we impart them with right information and power them to fight with menance like HIV/AIDS.

Joshiji is a physics man who is unfortunately out of tune with reality, let alone virtual reality. Has he been to Orkut, FaceBook etc to see what kind of stuff young people of today are reading and exchanging, without even batting their eyes?...its so normal today...does he expect the clinical sight of a male or female genital to arouse the dark and lusty side of a 10thie or 12thie, when he has free access to everythng today-adult dvds,literature, and even physical encounters-is out of place if he hasnt dated and experienced sex.. Wake Up Joshiji...or aspire to be the Archaelogy Minister only.

I do agree with Renuka Choudhary.

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