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Human Rights and Liberty
Is the New York Police Department unfair, unjust and inhumanitarian in dealing with Asians and Hispanics?
Arun Wiita
Was humiliated and confused by the arrest, and was targeted in part because of South Asian or Middle Eastern appearance.....this is a violation of the universal standards of human rights that should not be ignored
Score : 4

What is most unfortunate is the pre-determined mind set with which the officials have dealth with mattters in the past. It almost tantamounts to declaring certain people guilty unless proven otherwise which goes against the general principles of justice. Shlok Chandra.
Shlok Chandra

The NYPD has to be alert but they must not handcuff students and Asians merely on suspicion-this reflects their inability to develop the right information systems. In an age of information technology this is not difficult to do-a 6th year MD/PhD student should be trackable and identifiable in seconds....there would be tons of data on him...they must compensate Arun for this ghastly treatment

Contrarian Viewpoint
The NYPD has seen the trauma of terrorism very closely-WTC-9/11 and nothing matters more than the safety of the common man-even if it means being tough on some people
Score : 1

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