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Scratch "soul, mind, body" of Jishnu Saurabh Srinivas
Name : Jishnu Saurabh Srinivas
Profession : Student
Location : Pune INDIA
Member Of Group : CityIinternational school, aundh
Few facts : I am eldest kid in the family and enjoy life with my family and feel responsible for my younger sister and offer respects to grand parents. I love my friends very much, we are 4 good friends regularly in touch, study and share happy moments together. I have won about 5 trophies and many certificates for the performances in Abacus,Personality contests, Essay writing. I played Chess competetions at district level and stood 8th Rank. My hobbies are Swimming, Skating and Playing key board
Jishnu  Saurabh  Srinivas
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