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SEP 2017
Fatal attraction: A free verse

Egoistic we: A free verse

Essential message of Muharram in haiku

Essential message of Muharram in haiku

Celebrate Navratri by emphasising non-physical and soul-lifting messages: Haiku on feminine divine

Smart home .

Facebook thrives on our Narcissism!

Ubud Sacred Forest- A forest dedicated to monkey gods

If all fathers encouraged their daughters like this!

The Currency Warfare

हंगामा है क्यो बरपा

कराता भगवान है

पर्यावरण शुद्धि आवश्यक

देश के हर व्यक्ति मे ईमानदारी होना चाहिये

बाबा ..... ब्लैक शीप

SEP 2017

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