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Movie Review : Mausam

MAUSAM...a timeless lovestory

Mausam is a timeless lovestory of Harry and Ayat. Harry is a happy-go-lucky young lad in Punjab. He falls in love at first sight with Ayat - a Kashmeeri muslim who has moved to Punjab for safety reasons. Throughout the movie Harry and Ayat meet over and over again, only to separate. They ultimately meet during the riots in Gujarat, where Harry saves Ayat from a bunch of hooligans.
The songs are great, the locations are beautiful. Shahid and Sonam have emerged as polished actors, making every scene believable. The only shortcoming of the movie is that its a bit long, but even then the plot keeps it interesting. Mausam is a timeless lovestory, as the trailer proclaims. Harry and Ayat fall in unconditional love which doesn't die with time, something which the todays "one night stand" and "flings" audience doesn't really buy. The movie is getting mixed reviews, but the cinemas by now are going vacant.

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Category : Romance
Movie Title : Mausam
Director : Pankaj Kapur
Producer : Madhu Mantena Varma, Sheetal Vinod Talwar
Casts : Shahid Kapur, Sonam Kapoor, Anupam Kher
Release Date : 23 September 2011

Mausam is the knotty tale of Harry and Aayat who develop adolescent love in an Indian summer, go through a change of season with turmoil in their relationship, and meet again in the Scottish spring. Just when things seem upbeat, hostile situations separate Harry and Aayat again.

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