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Movie Review : Aarakshan


Movie is ultimate
starts with quota reservations but eventually it brings out the real cause of all this hue and cry, that is , the flaws in my our system in particular here the movie talks about the education system which is so commercialised that it’s out of reach for a low income household kid. It talks about the solutions to this problem and also how these systems and processes of the government are eating up our country. Performances are outstanding specially Amitabh sir , Deepika, Tanvi, Mr Bajpai and every else as well. Casting is good and movie is fantastic. I believe more and more movies like this should be made because movies reach greater audiences than any other media. Our country needs awareness to understand and decide the good and bad rather than the politicians telling us about this. This movie beautifully draws your attentions to things like involvement of selfish teachers, ministers and other factors to benefit from the commercialisation of education. which college or school in this country today offers a free admission. Everywhere you go you have to pay a donation in some or the other form. I could see the same in the movie and how this can be curbed!

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Category : Thriller
Movie Title : Aarakshan
Director : Prakash Jha
Producer : Prakash Jha
Casts : Saif Ali Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Manoj Bajpayee, Prateik Babbar
Release Date : 12 August 2011

Aarakshan is based on policies of caste based reservations in government jobs and educational institutions. It is the story of Prabhakar Anand, the legendary idealistic principal of a college that he has single-handedly turned into the states best;

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