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Book Review

Book Review : Nothing to Declare

Deep, Dark and Daring

Nothing to Declare is a book by Rabi Thapa, a journalist profession. This book is an insight into the life and times of Neal, its culture its youth. The book has 16 different tales which take you through the journey of young men of Nepal their trails, traumas and tribulations in a journey called life. Each story has uniqueness in a way that it touches one or the other facet of your life somehow.
It takes the reader back to his childhood, school boarding houses, ragging, girls, immigration to developed countries in search of better life. There is a heartfelt pain, a sense of dejection in some while also making you realize the harsh realities of life, which often handed over to you, in ways quite unexpected. A gripping book, but not for the faint hearted.

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Nothing to Declare
Category : Fiction
Book Title : Nothing to Declare
Author : Rabi Thapa
Publication : Penguin India
Primary Language : English

'Nepal suddenly felt far away and perhaps not at all. Sure, his parents were thousands of kilometres away, and so was the dust of Nepal, but his own Nepal, smoking and drinking with friends, was right here.'

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