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Book Review

Book Review : First Day first Show

For the lovers of Bollywood

First Day first Show is a compilation of renowned film critic Anupama Chopra’s articles published in various magazines and newspapers from 1993-2010. The book starts with a gripping inside story about the epic film Sholay, its initial days of being declared as the worst film ever made and sure shot flop. Anupama tells us how the film slowly and gradually picked up pace and within few weeks it was a legend in making, breaking all sorts of myths along with the box office records. The book is surely a treat for the dedicated lovers of Hindi cinema all across the globe, who are unaware of the inside scoops, stories and sagas of Bollywood.
Anupama takes you through the journey of Bollywood highlighting Madhuri magic, the David Dhavan cult of movies, Sanjat Dutt’s trials and trouble the Bachchan era, SRK’s rise to being the badhsah of Bollywood, formula films, Naseeruddin Shah and unsurpassed acting, Rekha, remakes, Govinda, Mithun, bollywood connection with the big bad under world, the threats and killings and also the curious cases of some divas gone missing. There is no aspect of Bollywood which has left untouched.
The book has its highs and lows where Anupama shares with us some gripping tales of the Bombastic Bollywood. The accounts though have their moments of ecstasy while others leave you slight disappointed, craving for more. It is a Bible for the students of Film journalism and also throws light on the live and time of a film journalist. Not for all, read it only if you are enchanted world of Indian film industry and want your dose of inside goings-on, through the eyes of an insider.

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First Day first Show
Category : Romance
Book Title : First Day first Show
Author : Anupama Chopra
Publication : Penguin
Primary Language : English

First day first show is Anupama Chopra's guide to the dazzling world of light, camera and stars, but also its shadowing darkness. This book has all the ingrediants of a Bollywood hit:There is friendship, love, despair, hope, heartbreak and triumph.

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