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Teachers: As they are and as they ought to be

The other day, I met 20 odd teen-agers who had come to a park to play cricket and just asked them how they felt about the teachers in their schools on the whole.

And, it turned out to be a revealing and stormy interaction when they were asked to use the descriptor and action words to describe their teachers as they were and they ought to be.
I have converted their responses into two separate acrostics on TEACHERS.

Teachers as they are:

• T for Treacherous
• E for Egoists
• A for Avoiding
• C for Cheaters
• H for Hitlers
• E for Easy going
• R for Repetitive
• S for Self-interested

Teachers as they ought to be (these point towards needs for teacher development and education for their capacity building):

• T for Trusting
• E for Empathetic
• A for Accountable
• C for Co-learners
• H for Hard working
• E for Empowering
• R for Role models
• S for Skilled

After analyzing the responses of the present age teen-agers, who tend to be idealistic and best critics of adults and their actions, teachers need to do self-reflection.

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