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The invisible hand!!!!

Why don’t things happen the way I desire? Why do I always have to be a pawn in someone else' design for my day to day life? And who is that sadist designer who derives pleasure out of our discomfort?
Some of these happenings would illustrate how difficult our life is.
There is a load shedding on, which smartly the power company now calls maintenance. Power supply has been shut, and I wait and wait for it to be restored so that I am able to heat dinner in the microwave. But that's not to be. So I heat everything on the gas chulha by transferring every item to a kadai .And presto! The electric power returns. I know for sure that had I waited it would not have been restored, till my ordeal was over.
The same happens every time I wait for someone supposed to arrive at 11.00am/.11.30am so that we could have tea or coffee together. I wait and wait till 1.30pm and decide to make myself a cup and sit down to savor the drink. But exactly that moment the door bell rings. And my guest is standing with a big smile saying, "sorry for being a 'little' late". I am again sure, that had I waited, she would not have arrived for another hour!
Trying to lead a quiet and unhassled life is like asking for the moon! Whenever we decide to go for some shopping and lunch out, my maids decide to put a spanner by not coming. So we also decide to let them have a French leave, and get ready to go out. That's not all the story! The moment I close the door and put the key in the lock I hear a voice asking me to stop. I turn and find her with a broad smile as if she was a model for Colgate dental paste! How did she know I had planned an outing? Who is this spoil-sport who informed her of my program? And I can tell you honestly, this has not happened just once!
Having retired from working life, everyday is a Sunday for me. But there are some days when I like to make myself feel like a special rest day. So I plan to wake up late, laze around in the night dress, and take it easier. But that day someone is sure to arrive unannounced and spoil it. I have to rush to dress up and be presentable and also serve tea etc. And mind you they do not even once show as if something is amiss! On the contrary have the audacity to ask,'do you always get up so late?’Tell me o khuda what have I done to deserve this? Can't I have a day to myself at my will?
Then a day comes when I presume that perhaps I got up on the right side of the bed. My maids come on schedule and leave at a time when I have the whole day and evening to myself. I decide to go out and have a ball. A visit to the mela at Gauhar Mahal, so close to my house, is overdue and of course that lunch I had to miss that day. Why not today? I get into an optimistic mood and take extra care to get ready. But oh! I had forgotten about that spoilsport in my life. When I arrive at the mela, they inform me that yesterday was the last day. And the overdue lunch? Well well! That was also not to be, as our political bosses had called for a bundh ,to show solidarity to Muslims of France against the imposition of ban on burka!
And what happened today ofcourse takes the cake. After all the procrastinations I decided to have my bedroom painted as there had been a lot of seepage of water during this rainy season. After great difficulty I was able to get one painter. I had told my helps to take their time and not hurry to come as I would be home all day. And guess what happened? They came early, finished their chores and left even before I could finish my morning tea! Do you want to know why? Because I was not going out in any case.
Will someone show some solidarity to me and tell me how to control my blood pressure?
I have been told that it's not just me. Everyone I have spoken to says that the same kind of things and situations have been part of their life too! But is this not really unfair?

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