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Why does our President not smile anymore?

I have been wondering for some time now, why oh why is our President not that pleasant affable, friendly and vibrantly expressive man as he used to be, when he was a minister? He looks so lonely and contemplative.The day President Pranab Mukherjee presented the Khel Ratna awards to the awardees, I was rather perplexed. Why didn’t the President smile? He always looked so pleasant and cheerful, even in times of stress, even in times of all the ‘trouble shooting’ he always had to do, as the chief in the g. o. m. in the govt.? Now I find him glum with lips tightly pursed as if his teeth would fall off; though he has a good set of natural teeth ,not dentures. His expression on that day made me feel as if he was handing over medals to families of posthumous defense personnel’s families and not stars of our sports. It should have been such a happy and joyous occasion. But he looked so gloomy and lost! Not a smile even while they posed for the customary photographs. Except for Yuvraj Singh, he did not even try to imitate a smile! I am worried. Will someone tell me or at least hazard a guess?
My guess is that he is unhappy as the President of a “Kela Ganatantra” of “Mango people”.

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