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A Vision At Night - My version of Leigh Hunt's poem

As I on a winter night slept shivering in my bed
Surprised was I with sudden heat
That made my heart to glow
Lifting up a timid eye to view what fire was near
A pretty child all shining bright did in my room appear

Such warmth and brightness did the light impart
As on a chilly day the sun gladdens the heart
I gazed and gazed and thought a lot
Why I was cold and she was not?
What riches made her warm
That I had not

The little elf gave a big smile
And said with a voice that soothed the heart
My heart to me a kingdom is
Such perfect joy therein I find
That it surpasses all other bliss
That your world grows by kind

Her cheering smile made me bold
And I whispered to profess
What kingdom could a heart possess?
Unless yours is made of gold?

She replied a little hurt:
Think not of only gold
Life’s every turn miseries unfold
Though much many need which all you have
Yet your mind does crave
Important is happiness, not intransient gains
Life should be spent without being vain.

Her words so deeply pierced my heart
I looked up to find her ready to depart
She rose to leave I begged her to stay
And tell me how to mend my ways

She refreshed my memory of the blessings I had
A healthy body and a sparkling mind
And goodwill of my few real friends
And lots of possessions of every kind
And above all Gods blessings to bear all

She made me think and made me learn
I have so much and yet I yearn
That very moment a lightening struck
As if to inspire my pluck
That little joys and little love
Lightens the burden when life gets
She smiled as she turned to leave
I implored her to stay awhile
As I had not imbibed all
To tell me how to pains forget

She for a moment bent her head
With immense serenity she said
Better by far you forget and smile
Than remember and be sad
Vain desire and vain regret
Pain however unfortunate
Is best not to recall
Thus she said and bid goodbye

It rained and rained throughout the night
But I was never cold….. As my heart was now filled with gold
Whenever I remember that momentous night
My spirit with contentment fills
And flies across the hills
To the rainbow where perhaps she lives

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