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Republic Day in childhood meant dressing up in one’s best and going to school early in the morning to witness the flag hoisting by the Principal. The better part of course was after that! All students would line up and receive a packet of four motichoor ka laddu of pure ghee made by my favourite mithai shop of Allahabad, Loknaath.

During University days in Delhi my friends and I would go to Raj Path to witness the parade. We would prepare alu parothas, pakoris and what not and carry with us along with a flaskful of tea. There were no restrictions of carrying these then, as the times were different. Nobody ever thought of any terrorist strike or even an untoward incident. We had to leave very early in the morning to catch the bus and walk some distance, but not as much as perhaps people have to do today, due to security reasons to get to Raj Path. There used to be jawans posted after long gaps, but only to guide and give direction to the spectators. It was kind of a celebration cum picnic of sorts. Even without passes we could be fairly close to the saluting dais and watch the VIPs and the parade too.

Now with 25000 policemen deployed for the parade I realise the value of the true freedom of those days.

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