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The making of a CA

“Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don't give up.”
-Rachel Corrie
His parents often engaged in family quarrels over financial issues in the household. He got fed up with the tense atmosphere prevailing at home and ran away at the tender age of just 8 years. He had to do petty jobs as a child labourer in hotels at Bhopal, Indore and Ujjain. When he used to go and give tea to bank officers, he would dream to become like them one day. Luck brought him to Mumbai where he got inspiration from a girl and enrolled for Class X examination through open school. This story which runs on the lines of a film script is soon going to be the subject of a biopic. The real life hero of this story is Mukesh Singh Rajput who has become a qualified Chartered Accountant. Not only this, a biographical account of his struggleful life has been published in the form of a book titled “CA pass –the real story”. The book was released on 01 July 2015.

Mukesh did not have the company of bright students for doing group study, so he formed a group of weak students. His sincere efforts broke the age old myth, that blind cannot lead the blind, and he succeeded. During these difficult days he earned money by doing an assortment of odd jobs like security guard, boiler man, and bus conductor and even at octroi posts. After passing Class X examination, Mukesh went to the girl he fancied. His enthusiasm was punctured, when he came to know that she had been married off by her parents. Having lost his first love, he found it difficult to come to terms with life. It took him three years to reconcile. He came back to Bhopal and took up the job of a security guard. In the meantime he developed liking for another girl. When she came to know of it, she got annoyed and chided him for not even passing Class XII.Mukesh took it as a challenge and put his heart and soul into it.No wonder he cleared the examination with good marks in the first attempt. Armed with his new found success, he went to his girlfriend’s house to share the good news. His disappointment knew no bounds when he came to know, that not only she had been married, but had also become a mother. However there seemed a ray of hope as the girl was seeking divorce. Without losing time, Mukesh proposed to her, but she rejected saying “you first do something for your career, before you come to me.” After being second time unlucky in love Mukesh was baffled. In desperation he became a driver.
Then came the turning point of his life. One day he was asked to go and hand over a document to a CA in his office. He was mighty impressed to see the CA’s office! Deep down in his heart he nurtured a dream of becoming a CA himself someday. On enquiring, how one becomes a CA, he was told that it was very difficult.Mukesh determined to stretch himself to realize his dream. He switched over and became the driver of a loading auto, in the hope that he would be able to find some time for studies. His efforts paid off and he completed his graduation in 1998, and that too without any coaching. He got admission in CA Intermediate in 2000.Nonetheless coping up with studies was an uphill task along with his tiring job. He failed six times in the IPCC-Integrated Professional Competence Course, but did not give up. Sure enough, his persistence paid, and he passed in the seventh attempt. Another girl came in his life in those days. He was quite hopeful that she would accept him, but luck again played hide and seek. She committed suicide because of family problems.Mukesh was once again disappointed, but reconciled and decided to complete CA for the sake of his siblings. His efforts bore fruit and in 2010 Mukesh became a full-fledged CA and started practicing in Bhopal.
Not content to rest on his laurels, Mukesh decided to share the secrets of his success. He penned down his experiences during his long struggle, for the benefit of CA aspirants. There is something in this book for both categories of students-those who have all the amenities but find excuses not to study, and also those who have nothing but find reasons to study. He has given tips on memorizing and also how to overcome examination phobia. The book outlines practical approaches of turning failures into achievers.Mukesh has also launched a website to guide students and help them to realize their dreams. He has shown to the world the even a professional course like CA can be completed against all odds, provided one doesn’t give up ,and continues to chase his dreams.

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