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He helped a roadside victim

“I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again. “~William Penn
It is a common sight, when someone is injured on the roadside, the passersby move on as if they have not seen anything. One of the oft quoted reasons for such apathy is lack of time and secondly people don’t want to get involved in becoming witnesses at police stations and courts. This attitude paints a very sad picture of humanity, but there are still some rare species of human beings who feel compassion and concern for such victims and come forward to help, without bothering about the consequences..
A 36 year old youth Satendra Sinha of Pune stood out of the crowd and appeared as an angel. Sinha is from Mihijam in Jamtara district of Jharkhand, but has been in Pune for a decade. He works as a quality engineer with ADF Engineering. It was on Friday 23 Dec 2016 when he was going back to his home in Dapodi from work on his motorcycle around 8.30pm, when a software Engineer Ms Antara Das, 23, who had been brutally stabbed by an unidentified assailant, collided with his bike at PNB Chowk in Talawade, 30 km from Pune. He had left his workplace around 8.25pm on that fateful day and reached the gate of Mahindra Company in Nighoje-Chakan area. There was traffic along the road and a speed breaker forced him to slow down. “As I slowly passed over it, I saw some commotion on the pavement a few meters ahead of me. The streetlights were out that evening, but I could spot a youth and a girl having a heated argument. Seeing the situation getting out of control, I decided to intervene and drove towards the pavement.

Just a few steps ahead was the Cap Gemini (an IT multinational company) gate and on the other side of the road was Dream Hotel, an eatery. Before I reached the spot, I saw the girl fall off the pavement and I halted my bike. I saw the man running across the road and disappearing into the darkness near the hotel. My headlight was on and I saw something shiny flashing in his hand. Of what I could see, the man was wearing a T shirt with horizontal blue and black stripes, "said Satendra. When he stopped, the girl suddenly got up on her feet. “She came up to me and said, “Bachao“(help) holding on to my jacket. Then, she lost consciousness and her head tilted off my bike's fuel tank as I tried to hold her. I felt something wet and realized that it was blood. Quite a few people who were passing by saw this, but they remained indifferent. He knew he couldn't leave her there, because four years ago he had faced a similar predicament. “I had met with an accident. My leg got fractured, but no one on the street helped me though I kept pleading. The police came to my rescue.” he remembers.
At his request, a four wheeler stopped and a man, who identified himself as Gopal Sakya, an employee with General Motors, got out of the driver's seat and came to help him, he said.“I told him what had happened and we put the girl in the backseat of his car. I could see that she was bleeding profusely now. The wound was in her nape and the blood flow wouldn't stop. My bike was parked at the crime spot and someone handed me the keys. We drove towards Thermax Chowk, "Sinha said. Antara never opened her eyes, but moaned softly in agony, he added. They spotted Chetna Hospital and Sakya stopped his car. “I got out and called for help. A ward boy saw the scene and rushed inside and was back in a minute with a doctor. They saw the girl and her wound with a torch and said her condition was very critical and pointed towards Dhanashree Hospital, two buildings away. They offered to take her on a stretcher but we drove towards the hospital. I again got out and called aloud for help. The ward boys and some doctors put the girl from the backseat to a stretcher and took her inside. She was still moaning. I saw her identity card around her neck. I grabbed it and dialed the emergency number on it and informed the person about the stabbing. I identified her too, "Sinha said.
A company representative came to the hospital at 9.35 pm. At around the same time the doctors, who had taken her to the operating table, said that she had succumbed to her injuries. In the next ten minutes, around 20 to 30 Cap Gemini employees arrived at the hospital, he added.” The police arrived at 11.30pm and started investigations. They asked me a few questions in the hospital and took me back to the spot of crime and asked more questions. Another team took some photographs and blood samples from the spot and from my bike. I was then taken to Dehu Road police station where I was given some food. The FIR took a long time as there was no electricity at the police station. The Police said I could collect by motorcycle on Saturday. They dropped me home at 6 am, “Sinha said. He reached home after completing all the police formalities on Saturday morning at 6 am. His pregnant wife had been calling him throughout the night. “I didn't tell her about the stabbing as she may get anxious, “Sinha said.
Such an instinct to help someone without any selfish motive is rare to find. Satendra did not bother about his personal problems, but truly played the role of a Good Samaritan.

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