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Pursuit into the Microcosm - My Mind

As I open my eyes and close their physical peripheries, the blink of eyelid slides me into yet another dimension. An unknown and an unexplored expanse.

The transition from a provincial precinct to a perplexing, yet promising premise seems pertinacious.

Is it just the beginning of a new lap? And so, a formal adios to the primitive one?
Time, the most magnificent metric of life and my most pious mate can only foretell.
Would you like time to ... wait! There are no options here, no thoughts, and hence no place for feelings. There is only a perpetual experience that holds one to the ground reality that 'you' exist.

Yes, it is an existential experience of being one with the Universe. No thoughts, no worries, and hence no pains. Well, love, ah! my friend, come to think of it. Isn't love the most overrated emotion? Will any of your beloved person, possession come with you after you enter the tunnel of death? Then? Don't laugh at me, laugh at your ignorance and the veil of illusion you love to believe and justify as love. Wake up to the rawness, it surely isn't for God's sake!!

So, when you know these emotions fail to deliver you to your deserving heights and constantly focus to descend your light within, why concur? And so, why take pains in crunching such a long time on everything else and anything else, when ideally, relatively and optimally. it should be invested in expanding your horizons of visualizing and understanding the bigger picture.
A span and a spectrum of 70, 80 + years are all that we are gifted with an instruction paper we lose, almost soon after our birth, we lose track of those cosmic instructions during our ethereal journey of our soulful 'solo existence' from lap called life to a new lap-life. We 'forget', this is where maya signs on us, all victorious and powerful.

The jist of the paper is given below. But one must read and synthesize the description before the three important pointers, given below as possible solutions to combat the effects of this powerful demon that stands between our true happiness and us.

The Karma theory is all set in auto pilot mode. 'Good' karma or 'Bad' karma are based on the equations from the 'action-reaction principle'.
Let us decode what is grace and boon.These are the interventions (result of our focussed efforts), and options to transcend ourselves to higher realms through a higher level of evolution.
The more you connect yourself to the 'core' through time tested mantras or formulae, the more the effects of Maya vanish on you. Isn't that splendid? These mantras are like the keys to open certain faculties within us to transcend. Technically time tested and explained by adepts and higher order energies who take forms as Gurus or Masters and the likes.

In fact, that is where the greater, flirty, playful challenger, the Maya comes into action. This beautiful veil is programmed to distract us and control our mind and make it drown deep into the abysmal, labyrinthine, vicious circle. And hence reduces us to be lesser order souls or throws us back into lower circles of life. All this, if we succumb.

Maya is an ongoing programme that is coded to challenge us throughout. Not only this, it is also designed to celebrate our agony and pain with pomp and aplomb.
But, there should be remedy, is there one, yes, there is! But, the question is, are you the one ready to push the edge of the envelope? Against easy-chair philosophers and naysayers and insecure persons whose sole purpose of existence is to convince you towards being purposeless, just like them. Of course, their market share is huge, and the stats should convince you if you are an average mind. And so is vast market share for misery.
So, the point boils down to whether you opt a path of evolution or you watch yourself descend effortlessly into a black tunnel of ignorance, with least resistance from you.

Only if your answer is "I wish to go up" then can you upgrade the type of your soul, say like from C to B, B to A and A to A +, through lives. If it is a yes, then you are almost towards the positive end of our description and are ready to take up the herculian task, or is it? If you align your will with all intent, even Hercules is a human, we are spiritual beings with human experience. Why can't we? At least, worth a try.

Here you go with some proven ways first. Good thoughts, good words and good actions. The 'good' is a self made definition by you. The clause being, you should genuinely and convincingly believe it and also good should be essentially constructive and non-destructive to humanity or any life. Most importantly, goodness is not religion specific definition, it is humanity specific. After all, all the religions are means of living a better life, not a end in themselves.

So, the sweet tenets are:

1.Keep introspecting
2.Keep winning over the veil of Maya
3.Keep transcending

Change is often said to begin with our own selves. This write-up is more or less a monologue to myself, to first run to stand, and only then to elevate to scale-up.
Most importantly, to constantly aspire, and to be. May the positive energy come back and may I continue be the chirpy, innocent and simple self I have always been, all in the pursuit into the marvels of creation, my mind.

May your happiness and positive vibes be infectious !! :)

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