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When was the last time...

When was the last time
I chitchatted with a friend, lost track of time,
And later went home and called her
Just to ask if she was fine…
When was the last time
I was angry with my best friend,
And we spent entire day together
After swearing never to speak to each other again…
When was the last time
I went for a night out at a friend’s place
And got up in the morning to find,
A moustache painted on my face…
When was the last time
We all got drenched in the rain
Soaked ourselves dry, changed clothes
And went out in the rain again…
When was the last time
We laughed till tears flowed
Walked hand in hand
Played colours on the road…
When was the last time
We went cycling into the horizon
Watched stars in the moonlitsky
For no special reason…
When was the last time
We thought we could reach the sky
We played toys in backseat of car
And waved at passers by…
When was the last time
We plucked flowers from the roadside
Ventured deep into the sea
Tried to jump into every tide…
To relive these moments
I could pay money in tonnes
But hell, God knows
Childhood comes only once…!

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Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi

Public & Government Service

Maharashtra ,  INDIA

I am Dr.Ketaki, an anesthetist by profession and writer by passion. My debut novel, "Those enchanted four and half years" is a medical college campus lovestory. My next novel 'The missing connection' which is a psychological thriller has been launched recently.  Few of my short stories have been published on sites like induswomanwriting, shortstorybook, Muse India, writers cafe, Your story club, Litizen etc. Besides writing, I love reading, travelling and playing casio. My husband, Dr.Aniruddha is also an anesthetist and we stay in Mumbai with our cute little daughter Isha.

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