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I long for a holiday...!

I long for a Holiday…!

When I have loads and loads of work
Especially the kind that makes me irk
I keep looking for something to make me perk
And from the boring routine, take a jerk
I long for an empty holiday
When I can follow what my heart has to say
When all worries I can throw away
And things can go just my way
But when I get such a day off, finally
You might really think this is silly
I don’t know how to pass time, frankly
And then I am far from being jolly
I yearn, that day, to sleep till late
And hope someone hands me the breakfast plate
But I have no idea what’s in store of my fate
And how I am going to face all things I hate
I am woken too early by the harsh door bell
Who wants to disturb my peaceful sleep, I can’t tell,
Oh, milkman, you will go to hell
But today I am home, he knows very well
I hand him the money and stagger back to the hall,
Taking support at each step, lest I should fall
Yet sleepy that I am, I somehow bounce against the wall
Thank fully the sturdy sofa takes my fall
Awake by now, I manage to stand,
Thinking what to do next, I take the newspaper in my hand
Too lazy to make tea, I bring a juice canned
And settle down in the balcony, next to the shoe stand
I flip the newspaper in a hope to see
Some article that would interest me
But to my dismay, all I can see,
Is who raped who and who’s on a killing spree
So, to the entertainment page I flip over directly
And find, over one bit of news the media’s gone frenzy
And could you guess what it could be?
Somebody spotted an eye of daughter of a celebrity!
So I just sit there thinking of a way
To nicely spend the rest of my day
When the phone rings in an irritating way
“I cant come” I hear my maid say
So there goes my holiday down the drain
All my planning has been in vain
The pending household work is truly a pain
At the end of it, I just hope to remain sane
By noon I am done with the household chores
Rinsed the dishes and mopped the floors
Washed the clothes and cleaned windows and doors
How can a holiday become even worse?
I sink into the sofa and switch on TV
Hoping to relax watching some nice movie
But now that the universe has conspired against me
All channels are playing third grade movies
So watching entertainment channel is my next plan
They are full of the saas bahu clan
One vamp is discussing with another vamp
About ways to destroy somebody’s khandaan
On another channel there’s a reality show
Where in all the judges are having a row
Has watching a quality show become so rare now?
No TV anymore, I take a wow.
I then switch on my pc and connect the net
My mail inbox is full of junk mails that I hate
Half declaring that I have received a huge sum from someone I haven’t ever met
And other half asking if I am single and ready to go on a date
So I turn to facebook, coz it’s the only place
That I now hope I will find some solace
And I am so excited to see ten notifications, no less
I click to open them at a lightning fast pace
But as expected, they don’t make my jaw droop
Coz they all are about who posted in someone else’s group
Friendship requests are from people I avoid in real life
And given a chance would kill them with a knife
My home is full of boring updates, I am sure each is a lie
Everyone is just trying to show how they are hi fi
Just then a virtual friend’s window pops up to say hi
But by then I have already bid facebook a goodbye
And all the events since morning are making me go crazy
With nothing to do, I am already feeling dizzy
Let me tell you one thing before my brain goes hazy
Next holiday, I am off to work, coz that is really easy!!

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I am Dr.Ketaki, an anesthetist by profession and writer by passion. My debut novel, "Those enchanted four and half years" is a medical college campus lovestory. My next novel 'The missing connection' which is a psychological thriller has been launched recently.  Few of my short stories have been published on sites like induswomanwriting, shortstorybook, Muse India, writers cafe, Your story club, Litizen etc. Besides writing, I love reading, travelling and playing casio. My husband, Dr.Aniruddha is also an anesthetist and we stay in Mumbai with our cute little daughter Isha.

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