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What Kind of a 'MARD' are you?

Recently, Bollywood actor, Farhan Akhtar, started a online campaign called 'MARD" which stands for " Men Against Rape & Discrimination', it aims to sensitize the public at large against the rising crimes against women, small girls, female fetuses and much more.

“If you are a man who respects women… her rights, her dignity, her independence, her mind, her body, her life… you are a MARD,” tweeted Farhan. He has urged all men to sport the logo of MARD on their clothes and take the message across the country. “No restrictions on use of logo. Will be uploading a high resolution file soon. Please feel free to print and wear with pride. MARD,” he added.

We at Blogger's Park invite all our esteemed bloggers to actively participate in this article and put across your views. They will be published in our upcoming issue. We also request you to please spread the word and ask as many people as you can to comment here. Your support means a lot!!! Remember, its time for us to bring the change and save our women!!

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