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Sorry Sarabjit #RIP

News of Sarabjit Sign's death ofcourse didn't come as a surprise since he was already brain dead and was on ventilator. But it has grieved the entire nation. He was a trespasser claimed as a terrorist by the Pakistan govt. There is no proof and witness to it. His family has been fighting a lonely battle since so many years.Citizens India got to know about him only a couple of years back. And now that he is dead a disgusting mudslinging math has begun between the two countries and also between the political parties within the country.

Why cant we own up? Why cant we grow? First step forward to calm the outrage would be to release the POWs, fishermen, normal trespassers from both the countries. At this time of grief the entire nation stands behind Sarabjit's family, but as always he too will be forgotten like our beheaded soldiers, dead young officers killed point blank and many more such cases. I feel ashamed of my self that we have chosen such spineless leaders who can never take a strong action or stand against these gruesome acts.

The speeches of condolences and meeting his family members are of no use now. We should have taken action well before in time, so that he could have spent some time with his family. This is a pure case of backstabbing by Pakistan, as always and also by our own politicians. The never let Parliament work so will will the country work. They keep on increasing their pays and allowances and have we as aware and powerful voters ever questioned then as to what are these politicians giving the county in return.

We are sorry Sarabjit that we failed you and your family......

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