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How will the govt work?

With almost continuous adjourning of Parliament by the opposition party, for one reason or the other how will the govt work? Don't the senior leaders of all the parties realise it? They are harming the country and in the process, harming their own image. I always felt that politicians like Arun Jaitly, Yashwant Sinha etc, are good and learned leaders, they will definitely guide the hyper politicians of their party to a sensible way of solving the major issues the country is facing.

For a common man it looks like Kya Karna Parliament me , chalo adjourn kara dete hain and then we will party, relax and have fun and finally give negative comments on all TV channels against the government. Mudslinging and shameful drama starts.

I want to ask all those who get the Parliament adjourned that how will the govt work if you behave this way? Aren't you educated enough to realise this simple issue. It is a humble request that don't behave like nursery kids and work together to solve all the issues as soon as possible.

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