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Chopper Crash

In one of the most tragic times of Uttarakhand floods, comes the news of Chopper crash, since the day of Tragedy these selfless soldiers of IAF, Army aviation and pvt chopper pilots have been pushing the limits in their rescue efforts. Today some of them paid with their lives, with pilgrims on board. We still dont know the exact number since there were as per the latest news,19 on board. IAF's Garud Commandos are on ground at the crash site searching the area. It is really a heart breaking news and what follows.

8 of our soldiers were killed when PM visited J&K a couple of days back and now this. One's instant reaction was NO!, this cant be true! How can God kill the saviors who were saving lives of so many devotees. But truth is here for all of us to see. They are gone, the illfated Mi-17 chopper had made two sorties to the Kedarnath area since this morning and was on its third sortie when it crashed. The crash occurred in due weather conditions created by rains and fog, but the mission of the pilots was to save as many as they can.

Mi-17 V5 chopper, is considered to be the best and most sophisticated, hence was sent on rescue mission. IAF is still on mission, it has been its largest airlift operation in history to rescue people and supply food under this Operation Rahat, they had 45 aircraft and helicopters which undertook more than 1,300 sorties since the tragedy struck. Not to be bullied by bad weather they continued with their Operation Rahat, to re-unite families, help the stranded and get food supplies. Rahat they did give but at the cost of their lives.What needs to be appreciated is the fact that IAF, ARMY & ITBP personals are taking risk knowingly the grave risk they are getting into, to save the innocent pilgrims who were caught unaware.

Today we hang our heads in shame, that we, never recognize the sacrifices of our soldiers, their pays are nothing compared to IPS and IAS officers neither is their job. They dont have plush air conditioned offices, nor do they have high profile contacts. Even their families suffer in silence, getting posted every three years, shifting house 2-3 times in each postings, admission of kids has always been a big issue, there is no stability. But the resilience, strength and fearlessness which each one of them has is a virtue of a rarest kind. There is just no comparison.

And when incidents like these happen, families have to run from pillar to post to even get the pension, which is their basic right, apart from others. There are many govt agencies set up to help them, but they are also good for nothing. There are just handful of them which are actually doing a good job, rest are just resting.

RIP, my dear soldiers, may God give your family the strength to cope and your brothers and sisters in arms a hope that someday our Govt will finally recognize the selfless service that you do. And always remember, YOU are our true Heroes!! Jai Hind & Jai Hind Ke Sainik. God bless......

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