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Facebook thrives on our Narcissism!

We are the Tech-savvy Whatsapp generation, the Instagram people,
the Twitter masses. Less of social beings, more of self-obsessed egg
heads. Our knowledge sure is more than our ancestors but we fall short
badly in the experience and common-sense category. We are the
intelligent, knowledgeable people who are cat fished in a go. Crimes of
our genre are very different from previous generations. Our dilemas,
confusions and apprehensions are of a unique kind.
I do not intend to question or offend someone’s practices but I think its
high time we ponder over this change in us. How animated, self-
obsessed and cocoon encased we have become. I remember those late
90’s and early years of the new millennia when we as kids had
conversation with our parents and saw our parents indulge in healthy
talk as an adult mature couple. But alas! Seeing a meaningful, smart
phone free conversation in today’s scenario is a rare occurrence. We
are so connected and know so much about each other’s vacations,
eating outs and shopping, that on one hand we are dissatisfied by how
stagnant our own life is or on the other hand fail to see or to
communicate the painful aspects of our or others life, which sure, do
exist. Busy updating the world about our activities, we forget to live life
with our loved ones.
While going through our vacation snaps, I realized, we were so busy
capturing each and every aspect of the aesthetic beauty of the location in our camera that we really missed on actually enjoying, being there.
We simply missed the moment to the lens of our camera. When we go
out or get ready the only thought that encompasses us is to get a good,
happy and flawless selfie or a relfie and update it asap on Insta or Fb.
And not to forget what has social media done to our language, asap(as
soon as possible), ttyl(talk to you later), tc(take care), tia(thanks in
I mean seriously, does today’s youth ever think before updating their
status that absolutely no one is interested in knowing what they are
doing, besides their parents and siblings and in most cases the siblings
too are too busy in their own struggles to keep track of each other. So if
it’s just the parents, I think giving them a call and letting them know the
whereabouts, would be a more sensible, satisfying and intimate option.
Updating a status on social media is literally like beating a drum in the
main street and shouting out loud..Hello!! I am up to this….
Another trendy update is about where you are eating and what’s on
your plate. I mean come on now don’t make us drool over your
yummylicious cuisine, you might end up having an upset stomach, with
so many people salivating over what you are eating.
I came across a hilarious instance wherein a friend of mine had taken a
medical leave from the workplace and ended up the day with an
update about seeing a fresh released movie at a Cineplex. She sure must have landed in some deep soup the next day when she had a
rendezvous with her boss.
That day isn’t far off when people would be updating the world when
they attend to their call of nature.
I got to know about a case wherein the consequences of being highly
active on social media, giving out every detail of one’s life, ruined a
happy family. A couple had their first child after a lot of difficulty. Their
happiness knew no bounds when this bundle of joy came in their arms,
and as is in vogue, they started updating every detail of their child on
social media, that first giggle, the crawl, the word mum being uttered
the first time, videos..etc. Their social media account was
flooded with the photos of their beloved toddler. Then came the day
when the child started going to school. The update of the first day to
school, a pic and the name of the school, was ceremoniously done.
After a couple of weeks of school going the child was abducted from
the school premises, never to be seen again. A study into the case
disclosed that somebody had been observing, monitoring and analyzing
the update details of the couple and hence knew everything about the
family. Abducting the child was a piece of cake for the person.
It is to be kept in mind while updating anything on social-media; your
profile might be under someone’s scrutiny. Someone might be
following you noting every detail of your existence, with you being
totally unaware about the existence of any such being. Please abstain
from providing your life’s intrinsic details to such people, on a platter. Knowledge is power, by giving knowledge about yourself to an
unknown person you are basically giving that person power and control
over yourself.
The youth of today is so self-absorbed and self-obsessed, busy flaunting
how good and promising their professional and personal life is, that at
times I really have jitters thinking about the kind of peer-pressure my
daughter will have to handle in her teen years and adolescence;
because raising the kids with good moral and social beliefs is really a
challenge in today’s world of complete exposure to media, be it good or

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