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The Good Samaritan

The spine chilling winters of Northern India were at its peak. A freezing December night and I was travelling to Lucknow from Bhopal. With a two year old daughter, travelling in winters seems slightly bothersome. As is the Indian tradition, the train was late by about half an hour. We were overloaded with luggage and half sleepy, half awake daughter of ours added to our troubles.

The train finally arrived at the station. While we tried to embark on our journey, an elderly man was seeing off an overloaded family, from the train. Finally we settled. The same elderly man along with his wife happened to be our co-passenger. Instantly he plunged into helping us and making us as comfortable as possible. The lady too joined in. After settling we started having our dinner and out of the blue, my daughter demanded jam. The lady, seemed fully armed, she offered me a Noga jam of the Rajdhani. Half doubting, half believing I fed my daughter the jam and paratha which she readily gulped down voraciously.

The elderly couple, now uncle and aunty due to their hospitality, were so helping and caring that all Crime Patrol cases, where such modus operandi was portrayed to be used in order to dupe people, whirled in my mind. The whole night I couldn't sleep, doubting their goodness. The night passed and they dismounted at Kanpur, a sigh of relief for me, my luggage intact, no visible harm.

But now a very important question meanders in my mind, are we supposed to doubt the goodness of everyone? Even a genuinely good person is not perceived positively these days. Rather if I put it out rightly, it would be more apt to say that if we come across good people, we doubt them more than others.

I am totally confused as to how I should react if I encounter good pepole? Should I doubt their goodness, in the process, dissuading them to be good. Or should I readily accept their goodness and be victimised if the goodness is not genuine?

Why can't we all human beings be genuinely good always? Why do we need to keep this margin for bad people? The elderly couple I encountered turned out to be genuinely good samaritans, but now I feel bad for the reserved behaviour I had for them, questioning their goodness. And as it goes about the Karma or you may say, what you sow, so you reap, just like the uncle had helped the previous family to disembark the train at Bhopal, my husband helped them get down at Kanpur. Good conduct instantly rewarded.

I wouldn't appreciate leaving this page with a question, so want to share what I have come to believe eventually. The earth is still replete with good people. No doubt there are a few people who have lost the righteous path, but we can still be hopeful about goodness, and pray may we, that God shows the righteous path to more and more people in this coming year.

May we all become better beings, more tolerant, more giving and forgiving and learn to sacrifice. Bear a little pain for someone's happiness and comfort. Learn to be more humane and less materialistic and mechanised. Be grounded and succeed, not only ptofessionally or in the worldly sense but prepare for life hereafter. Amen. Wishing, A very happy and prosperous new year to each one of you on this 31st eve of December 2015.

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Afshan Tarannum Shirazi


Haryana ,  INDIA

Hello everyone, I am Afshan Tarannum Shirazi. A science graduate who post graduated in English Literature, from Sarojini Naidi Girls Govt. College in 2009. I joined RGPV as a communication skills lecturer and taught for a couple of months. Later on I joined Sri Sathya Sai college for Women as an asstt. proff. in the Department of English. I worked for one and a half year and then got married in June 2011. Born and brought up in Bhopal now entire India is my home for my husband happens to be an Army officer and my life is nomadic owing to his postings...

I thank God for I have enjoyed a wonderful life, great friends, best parents, bestest siblings and a caring husband!!

At present I occupy the position of being an Administrative Officer in Dantak Public School.

Blessed with an daughter happens to be source of all our pleasures...

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