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Your secret promise,
Murmured in my ear,
With your velvety divine voice,
Is the sole source of my sustainence.
You said you would come,
You would come for me.
Crossing fog and mist,
Walking through the water,
In the rivers.
I know you would come,
I know,
What it is to wait,
What it is to lose hope,
What it is to be sad
I know every form of pain,
I have experienced sorrows of all sorts.
But today I see,
Thousands of white roses,
Wet with the morning dew.
From the shadows of the moon,
That sees from behind the blue sky,
I hear the promise you made, from
The voice of angels, flying past.
You are the song of earth,
The first light of the morning Sun…
The brightness of day….
You are my love.
My longing for you, this wait,
It has its own sweet flavor and
Its different from any other, I
Have ever experienced, in the past.
I know you would come!
I have faith in your eyes, your voice
Your heart and your promise.

Afshan T. Shirazi

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Afshan Tarannum Shirazi


Haryana ,  INDIA

Hello everyone, I am Afshan Tarannum Shirazi. A science graduate who post graduated in English Literature, from Sarojini Naidi Girls Govt. College in 2009. I joined RGPV as a communication skills lecturer and taught for a couple of months. Later on I joined Sri Sathya Sai college for Women as an asstt. proff. in the Department of English. I worked for one and a half year and then got married in June 2011. Born and brought up in Bhopal now entire India is my home for my husband happens to be an Army officer and my life is nomadic owing to his postings...

I thank God for I have enjoyed a wonderful life, great friends, best parents, bestest siblings and a caring husband!!

At present I occupy the position of being an Administrative Officer in Dantak Public School.

Blessed with an daughter happens to be source of all our pleasures...

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